Jude has opened up SO much!

“Jude came to CDA when he was 18 months old, and still not walking – we were worried he’d be a butt scooter for life. He’s also naturally shy despite being in a daycare center since he was 5 months old. Within just a few weeks at CDA something just seemed to click – he felt more comfortable and started testing his boundaries more, to the point that he was walking confidently (instead of only with a walking toy) after about 3 weeks. The open and flexible feeling of CDA with just the right amount of structure made his transition and confidence grow so fast. We’ve always received excellent communication from teachers and staff ESPECIALLY during the pandemic. We’re so grateful for finding CDA and are already signed up to bring baby #2 arriving this spring to CDA when they’re ready!”

Dana from Falcon Heights
Mother of Jude, Toddler