My kids are happy!

“Picking a daycare for our oldest child was a difficult and nerve wracking decision. However, I now know we made the right decision. Our oldest is 3 years old now and was enrolled at CDA since she was 12 weeks old. Each day she is happy to go to school and happy to tell us about her day.

Our youngest is 4 months old and at 4 months old, we can see the same reactions in her personality when she goes to school as we see in our oldest. Each morning as soon she hears the voices of the infant room staff members, she is turning her head to make eye contact. She follows up her stares with her big smile! It just warms my heart to see enjoying her days just like her sister did when she was that age.

It is amazing how happy they both are even though they are learning so much! CDA has so much to offer (an incredible food program, LARGE outdoor play spaces for all ages, indoor play/gym area, field trips, extra enrichment programs, etc.) and it comes through in the happiness of the children.

This was truly the best decision for us and our family — We highly recommend CDA!”

Stephanie from Maplewood

Mother of Elle and Hailey, Preschool and Infant Programs