Safest place for my kid

“I have heard real facts about few daycares where they don’t treat the kids with love and affection, just do their job as a job. My kid has joined infants and he is in Toddler today. All his transitions from infants to Toddler has been so much caring and awesome. My son is very picky in eating, but the staff at CDA has shown utmost care for my kid and everyone makes sure my son eats well his lunch and snacks. The most admirable attitude that i have observed with the staffs of CDA is that they not only show love to their class kids but also to everyone in the center. this is the greatest thing i would like to thank each and every staff of CDA. Last but not the least, every staff knows the name of every kid in the center, i wonder how they can remember so many names, am bad at that. I am sure all the reviews by parents would keep them encouraged and be a stepping stone to elevate them to continue to give the best out to kids in the future as well.”

Raje of Little Canada

Parent of Vinay, Toddler Program