This is not just a day care center…

“This is not just a day care center. Let’s be honest, this is a 2nd home for our child.

He has spent more time there than at our home. As a working parent, we need to be reassured that our child will be comfortable when he is away from us.

The staff are very caring, very alert to any problems (one of them actually suggested that our son had asthma – and she was right!), nurturing, fun, calm, bright and loving. In addition to just taking care of our child, they actually teach them things. They expand on common knowledge – enough that our child was ahead of his first grade class after completing private kindergarten. It was not detrimental to his learning but actually stimulating to him.

In addition to that, the meals and snacks provided are nutritious and very good tasting. (Yes, I have sampled some of them.) The menus are provided in advance which makes it easy for us to substitute if something isn’t in his favorite list.

And how wonderful is it that our child can have before and after school care at Children’s Discovery – the school bus picks him up and drops him off there every school day.

This is our last year of having our child at Children’s Discovery. We will all miss the companionship of the staff and of the other children. We’ve made some very good friends there. The fees are very competitive and fair.

We would recommend Children’s Discovery most whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for child care.”

Nancy of Saint Paul, MN
Grandmother of Dustyn, School Age Program