Our experience has been extraordinary

“Both my children have been enrolled at Children’s Discovery since infancy and they now participate in the school age program. My husband’s and my, and more importantly my children’s, experience has been extraordinary. The children enjoy the programs, (school as they call it), the activities and outings and the friends they have developed at both campuses.

We all truly enjoy the staff and teachers. The few concerns over the last 10 years that we have voiced have been promptly addressed and resolved. It really is a comfort to me as a working mom to know my children are in good care, learning, laughing and playing in a wonderful supportive creative environment.

Once they both entered grade school we thought we would try the afterschool program at their school and the children couldn’t wait to get back to Children’s Discovery! My 7 year old is disappointed on the weekends not to attend. Now if I can only get some of the recipes that the kids love maybe they wouldn’t give me a disapproving look when I serve dinner! I would recommend either campus without question. I am grateful to the directors, staff and wonderful programming. Thanks!”

Julie of Maplewood, MN
Mother of Paige and Thomas, School Age Program