A+++ Staff, Facility and Curriculum

“My son loves going to CDA for the fun activities, playing with friends and attention/love shown by the teachers. He’s learning something new everyday and is proud to tell me about it. I love sending him to CDA because it’s a clean and safe environment, and the communication can’t be beat. I look forward to reading the Daily Connect report form his teachers and appreciate the weekly emails talking about the upcoming theme and what the kids will be learning. Very well run center from top to bottom.”

Dena from Vadnais Heights
Mother of Bennett, Preschool

Best Choice We Ever Made!

“We went back and forth for months as to whether or not we should send our son to preschool this year. We couldn’t possibly be more impressed with the attention and care given to every detail of his day. Everything from the learning experiences to the food he eats has been given great care and thoughtfulness. The teachers are filled with patience and enthusiasm daily and we feel that is hard to find. Our child who often would rather stay home than go anywhere, loves school days! We couldn’t be more thankful for Children’s Discovery!”

Lauren from Maplewood
Mother of Judd, Preschool

Best Care For My Child

“This is the best daycare I have seen. The teachers are all very welcoming and helpful. They all like to keep an open line of communication when it comes to your child’s day and progress. They do a great job of planning activities for the children and the children enjoy doing whatever they have planned. They promote kindness and sharing. The center itself is always clean and never cluttered. I am proud to bring my child somewhere I know she will be well taken care of and have lots of fun learning new things! Would recommend to anyone!”

Elizabeth from St. Paul
Mother of Peyton, Preschool

We love our CDA teachers

“We couldn’t be more pleased with CDA. Maddie loves her teachers. Teacher Amberley clearly works hard to develop a curriculum that makes learning fun and engaging. She also puts a lot of effort into the conferences she holds for parents. I really enjoyed hearing about Maddie’s progress from a teacher who is so knowledgeable about children’s development. I am constantly amazed at the things my little girl is learning. They have taught her so many preliteracy skills (e.g., identifying letters by sound). Maddie loves to tell me about the different classroom jobs (“weather helper”, “line leader”). The teachers at CDA clearly care about their charges. I can tell they celebrate her successes and comfort her when she is sad. Celsy is always quick to offer a hug or suggest a helper task when Maddie is sad at drop-off. Emily will put little braids in her hair that Maddie loves to show off to her family. She also lovingly refers to her teacher Kayla as “my big Kayla” since there is also a classmate named Kayla. She is also beyond proud when Teacher Amberley says she can have something from the “treasure box” for being a good listener/helper. Sometimes at drop-off she insists on giving all her teachers a hug goodbye. It really warms my heart to see how much she loves her teachers. The program also emphasizes healthy meals/snacks and lots of physical activity. Their parent communication (via the DailyConnect app) is also fantastic. We really couldn’t be more pleased with CDA.”

Katie from Roseville
Mother of Maddie, Preschool


“I highly recommend Children’s Discovery to anyone with children! My son started in the toddler classroom and has since moved to the preschool classroom and he has loved every teacher and staff member at the center! The daily connect app keeps parents updated on the day and getting pictures is always wonderful. My child learns so much and has great social interaction with the kids in his class. We are so thankful for everyone at Children’s Discovery!”

Tiffany from Oakdale
Mother of Bobby, Preschool

The Best!

“Enrolling Will in CDA two years ago was the best decision we could have made. Changing classrooms is difficult for little ones, and he had some setbacks with potty training. Kristin and the preschool teachers worked with us, listened to our concerns, and showed the utmost care to our son to help him overcome this difficult step! Will loves coming to CDA every day. Thank you!”

Kaoyoua from Little Canada
Mother of William, Preschool

Show and Share

“Will loves the weekly Show and Share more than any other activity! He always looks forward to bringing his items and telling us all about what his friends brought. The different themes provide great variety for their young minds!”

Chris from Little Canada
Father of William, Preschool

Best place for kids world of imagination

“My kid had the best experience here. Very good and patience staff who care the kids so much. The love they show to kids are really good and kids love to go here almost every day. My kid learns new things everyday and enjoys her time here. Great place and safe place. Among all it’s a trustworthy place for parents.”

Daisy from Saint Paul
Mother of Diya, Preschool

A Place to Thrive

“Our daughter has been at Children’s Discovery for three years and we could not be more thrilled with our experience. From the first time we visited we knew this was where we wanted to be. The curriculum and activities are fantastic and the amount she has learned and grown is a testament to her time there. She gushes about her friends and teachers. We love the confidence she has walking into school greeting everyone and excited for the day.”

Melissa from Saint Paul
Mother of Wren, Preschool

Makes my child’s day so much brighter

“My family and I, absolutely love Childrens Discovery Academy! My son used to go to another care center and he would cry and scream and hide in the corner! He would refuse to go to his classroom and start crying as soon as he realized where we were going. Now, he gets excited! He runs to his classroom, he gives me a kiss, says goodbye and runs to play with his friends! I have never been so relieved to bring him to school and he enjoys it, its such a wonderful feeling. He also enjoys their healthy meals and loves their gym and outside playground! I love that he has started to speak and come out of his shell. He used to be such a quiet boy and barely spoke. Now he talks, sings and counts and loves to make jokes with me. Thank you for making a difference in our lives CDA. It means the world to the mom who struggled to get her son to school everyday and who would walk out every day crying from hearing her son scream and cry in terror. Wishing there was more she could do. Now i don’t have that problem anymore and I am so happy my son is truly happy being at your school.”

Cristina from Little Canada

Parent of Tristan, Preschool